Transforming Transportation

The 33rd annual UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium | Oct. 15-17, 2023

There’s got to be a better way.

Climate change will drastically impact society and governments, with transportation being a major contributor to climate pollution in California and the U.S. We need a resilient and adaptable transportation system that prioritizes clean energy, equitable access, and faster implementation. While mobility brings many economic and social benefits, an overreliance on cars comes at a significant cost. This reality is most acute in places where sprawl has made access heavily reliant on car mobility. Current state and regional transportation plans simultaneously extoll mobility’s virtues while making reducing vehicle travel a central goal, creating confusing and ineffective approaches. Research by the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies reveals that a lack of public trust hinders the development and implementation of sustainable, just and resilient transportation plans, policies, and programs. This lack of trust stems from conflicting visions among transportation experts and political leaders, leading to muddling actions and stalled progress.

The 2023 UCLA Arrowhead Symposium: Transforming Transportation delved into how governments can overcome obstacles to deliver a transformed transportation system. For more information about the event, speakers and topics discussed, visit the Transforming Transportation page.

About the Symposium

Since 1991, the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium has tackled the connections between transportation, land use, and the environment.  Arrowhead’s diverse and influential group of policymakers, private sector stakeholders, public sector analysts, consultants, advocates, and researchers dive into these pressing policy issues every day. Here we’ve collected some of their insights from the Symposium, as well as information on their ongoing work and updates on upcoming events. Learn more about previous events in the symposium’s 30+ year history.

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The UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies, which presents this UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium, acknowledges the UCLA campus presence on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the peoples who today use the names Tongva, Gabrielino, and Kizh.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge & Conference Center’s presence on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Yuhaaviatam Indigenous people.