California’s Housing Crossroads: October 16 – 18, 2022 in Lake Arrowhead, California

For the first time in three years, the 2022 UCLA Arrowhead Symposium reconvenes at its eponymous home at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge and Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead, California.

California has a housing crisis

High land costs, a shortage of homes, and income inequality leads to a cost-burdened population: Nationally, 49% of households that earn under $50,000 per year pay more than 30% of their income on housing, but in California it’s over 65%, and in the Los Angeles metro area it’s nearly 70%. Californians cope with this housing burden by crowding into cramped housing units, exiling to exurban or out-of-state markets with lower costs but increased climate impacts, and surfing between less secure housing opportunities with friends or relatives. Those with the least support end up without housing altogether, either in vehicles, in shelters, or on the street.

California’s Housing Crisis is a Transportation Issue

California’s housing crisis is particularly acute in coastal job centers and near public transportation infrastructure. Recently UCLA ITS assembled an expert panel of transportation leaders from throughout California to discuss the state’s transportation problems and policy options. Even with shifting investments to build a robust and reliable multimodal network, using pricing to manage automobiles, and making the system a safer place for all users, panelists saw increasing inequality, economic strain, and automobile dependence if these were pursued without making progress on the state’s housing crisis.

Charting a different path: How to fix the housing crisis

Housing policy is complex, but the solutions to the housing crisis needn’t be. Substantial progress can be made by addressing the need for: 

Each of these solutions is easier said than done. At the 2022 Arrowhead Symposium, we’ll focus on how to make these solutions happen in California. Each requires an understanding of the problems, a political constituency and advocacy, and institutions and professionals that can deliver new programs and expand old ones.

What can transportation professionals do?

The 2022 Arrowhead Symposium is intended for professionals, elected officials, and advocates working on housing, transportation, and regional economic issues. To build an understanding of and capacity to implement these solutions across attendee backgrounds, the Symposium will include a Housing 101 session and a demystification of the alphabet soup of California housing: RHNA, HEs, AFFH, CEQA, ADUs and highlight actions that transportation professionals can take to support housing solutions.


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About the Symposium

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