October 20 - 22, 2019
Countdown to the 2019 Arrowhead Symposium

A Focus on Equity

The Arrowhead Symposium is an invitation-only gathering of policymakers, planners, analysts, and advocates, held every October at the scenic Lake Arrowhead Conference Center in the San Bernardino Mountains.  Now in its 29th year, the UCLA Arrowhead Symposium is regarded for excellence in programming, camaraderie, and problem-solving. 

Transportation Equity is the central theme of the 2019 Arrowhead Symposium.

In addition to these specific questions, the symposium will address the challenge of measuring progress on transportation equity issues. To begin with, what are the current disparities created and exacerbated by gaps in transportation access? Given this, which future improvements will allow everyone — and disadvantaged groups in particular —  to share in the benefits while not being unduly burdened? And how should decisionmakers prioritize different approaches to increase access to opportunity given the multitude of interrelated regulations, policies, planning opportunities, and investments currently underway?

Efforts to eliminate transportation disparities, improve access to opportunity, and plan for equitable growth all require significant time and commitment. We encourage all who seek to address transportation equity in their work, either through research, policy, planning or community engagement, to attend the 2019 UCLA Arrowhead Symposium. This event hopes to be a critical opportunity through which the transportation, land use and environmental sectors can discuss these issues in depth and be inspired to take action for years to come.

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Unlike most conferences, the Arrowhead Symposium is an all-inclusive experience. 

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About the Symposium

Since 1991, the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Symposium has tackled the connections between transportation, land use, and the environment.  Arrowhead’s diverse and influential group of policymakers, private sector stakeholders, public sector analysts, consultants, advocates, and researchers dive into these pressing policy issues every day. Here we’ve collected some of their insights from the Symposium, as well as information on their ongoing work and updates on upcoming events. Learn more about the symposium’s history.

Video: Insights from Selected 2018 Arrowhead Speakers